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Feria HIP 2019 MADRID

Horeca Professional Expo

One more year Casa Delfin will be present at the HIP Fair in Madrid.

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Line Tabla de Cra'ster

Intuitive system, contemporary aesthetics.

A versatile range of tables that offer excellent functionality, ergonomics and flexibility.

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Isla by Churchill

The contemporary and subtle design that is inspired by the shapes and textures found on the coast of the sea.

The distinctive and elegant relief of Isla emulates the natural beauty and the patterns of the coast. A subtle and elegant design that does not compromise its durability and performance.

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New Crockery catalog

The most complete catalog of tableware

Since 1863 we are guided by the passion for the beauty of materials.

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Genesis cocoa by RAK


Return to the original emotions of the dishes of yesteryear.

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Duni, the new Led concept

Illuminate your space your way

Designed for professionals, Duni Led candles optimize safety, quality and comfort with candles.

Maximize the cozy feeling in an indoor and outdoor space.

With this Led system the time dedicated to lighting and cleaning is reduced and it allows you to increase the time of dedication to diners.

We have a wide selection of Led candles or real flame.

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Solstice by Revol

Celebrating the earth

Solstice is born of raw materials, raised to splendor by human hands, as if they were testimony of the most precious treasures that the planet offers us

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Buffetscape de Churchill

Add style and creativity to buffet exhibitions.

Three new woods of acácia that complement each other to create an individual presentation. The pieces can also be used independently, ideal for combining dishes. Designed to be used with other buffet pieces.

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Casa Delfin present at the HIP2018 Fair in Madrid

This year Casa Delfin has wanted to be present at HIP, the most important European congress of transformation for the Horeca sector.

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Moresque, the new collection of Creative

Moresque, the new collection of Creative, Arabic lines that give creativity to your buffet.

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